Hinduism In a Nutshell







Temples Known to Cure disease and Bring Miracle Babies

Ganges River (Holy water of Lord Shiva)




The river Ganga is said to have originated when Bhrama - (one of the supreme forms of divinity) washed the feet of Vishnu in his incarnation as Vamana.

It was Bhagirata through his penance that brought the river down to the earth to purify the ashes of his ancestors who had been cursed by Kapila Muni.  Legend has it that the earth was unable to bear the force of the celestial river, and that the Gods requested Shiva to bear the river on his matted locks and bring down it's energy.

One can wash off their sins by dipping in the water

Chidaramabam Temple

Miracles has been happening here for centuries . People from all over the world travel to chidarambaram on the request to lord shiva for a new birth which always has been satisfied by lord shiva.